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Day Zero Bonus Track, Just for you!, this also gives me a chance to post the first chapter of the Sequel to Project JAKIO, (which has nothing to do with musicshake in case you were wondering)

the link to the whole Project Jakio is here:

chapter 1 below doesn't have too much to do with it, but it'd be best to read it first, the 2nd book is still in progress, but if enough people want me to i'll post the chapters to it as i go. So Enjoy the song and the story

Book 2: Day Zero

Chapter 1 Tanatophobia
"Are you ready?" the nurse asked. i shook my head and she chuckled. She walked up to me and pushed my head back into the machine's helmet. "Now don't worry, This process should be mostly painless, it's not perfect." she smiled awkwardly and pulled a lever down. I suddenly felt the cold metal clamp latch around my head.
"Was that supposed to make me feel better?" i joked, " If it was, it only made it worse." Hoping to get a response from her but she continued to strap me in. The clamp tightened around my head to the point it was starting to get very uncomfortable.
"I really don't know why i sighed up for this. Can't you give me some drugs or something of that nature instead?" i begged, my hands were now clenching the arm rests so tight i was digging into the leather. The nurse walked over to me and started strapping my arms down to the chair, i quickly pulled my arm away in protest "Hey! what-"
"Shh- it's just a safety precaution" she grabbed my arm and strapped it down, and tightened it, i flinched when the strapped pinched my arm. "Oh sorry dear, too tight" i gave her a dirty look as she strapped the other arm down. " Just take deep breaths" she told me, she then made her way back into the control room.
"Nurse...." i weakly asked, she looked up at me, "You said this was painless right?" I sat waiting for a reassuring reply, she turned her head as the door opened, the Doctor walked in.
"Good Evening, Clyde looks like your good to go" he gave out a hearty laugh then walked over to the nurse and started mumbling something. My body began to get restless, my legs were shaking uncontrollably and it made the already-too-tight straps tighter. My mind started racing, there would be no way i'd be able to concentrate long enough for this to work. All i have to do is to concentrate on the memory i want to get arid of, but the only thoughts i could come up with are ones of this new method of 'Thought Extraction' failing and i would forget everything. Then the thoughts of forgetting everything only made the shaking worse. i tried to think about something else but the thoughts would merge together and circle back to wandering around see people i wouldn't remember, seeing places I've been a million times and feeling like it'd be the first time. It was too much for me. the thoughts of losing memory turned thoughts about getting killed by this machine i was strapped to. Call me pessimistic, but when your being experimented on by procedures that are still working out the kinks, you tend to think the worst. I began panicking, My eyes darted left then right and back, looking for a way to escape from this chair, then i noticed the look on the doctor's face, the look of surprise, the look of fear, nervousness and confusion.
"HEY!" i yelled, they didn't even notice. I yanked on the straps to get free, but to no avail. i shook my head around the best i could but the brace held it firm. At this point i was certain i was having a panic attack. I looked back over to the doctor and nurse, the doctor ran his hand through his balding hair, He then yanked the clipboard out of the nurse's and started pointing to something on it. "HEY!" i screamed at the top of my lungs. i felt beads of sweat form on my head. It wasn't sweat from the humidity or heat, it was those of nervousness.
A brand new bunch of thoughts entered my mind. Why would they strap this to me if it wasn't ready? Has this even been tested? Why is the doctor flipping shit? WHAT IS GOING ON?!? i pulled on the straps with all my might, and to my surprised the left one gave way a little bit. i glanced over to see if the doctor and nurse noticed and saw what looked like a repair man inspecting the control panel.
Any hopes of this procedure going on flawless just got decimated. All this trouble for the basically removing it from my brain and putting it on a TV. Though it could cost me my entire memory, what makes me, me. Was it worth it.... Yes. My body ached, it calmed down, only because it was exhausted and tired. i glanced to the left strap and saw it was loose enough to get my hand free. i slowly attempted to slide it out.
BANG! The sound of a large explosion caught my attention, i looked over to the control room and saw it full of smoke. The Doctor and the repairman tried to get arid of the smoke, while the nurse attempted to open the door that led into where i was. the look on her face was one of fear, but not just any fear. The look in her eyes was the same look I've seen before, too many times. For the life of me i couldn't remember where I've seen it. The control panel suddenly burst into flames. I couldn't see the doctor or the repairman and, the nurse wasn't by the door anymore.
Just then the clamp on my head tightened down and started buzzing. i heard the machine behind me kick on. i quickly slipped my left hand out of the strap and started for the right arm strap. the Brace started to heat up, then it started to burn me. i screamed in pain as i tried to get the strap undone, but my hand was too shaky.
The Window of the door separating the Control Room and this room shattered and the nurse reached through and jumbled at the door knob.
"HELP!" i screamed frantically, "i think it turned on!" i continued to struggle with the strap. The Nurse started slamming against the door. She finally broke it open and fell to the floor as a huge ball of smoke followed her. Coughing hard she struggled to her feet and stumbled along the wall then over behind me towards the machine. "I can't turn it off!" she screamed. The Roaring of the machine was almost deafening now. The Nurse ran over to me and helped me with the right strap. She then reached for the helmet when a giant arc flash struck her. She screamed with pain as she fell back onto the floor.
"Nurse? NURSE?" i plead for help, but she continued to lie motionless on the floor.
With complete and utter shock i attempted the helmet myself and felt the surge of electricity soaring through me. Everything tightened up and i couldn't move. The Pain was overwhelming and i couldn't think straight. I heard a loud whir then i felt a large needle get jammed into the back of my head. i couldn't even scream, or move. then the nightmare was played right before my eyes.
There it was, the nightmare, a man strapped to this metal table, getting ripped apart by giant robotic arms, and his screams rang through my ears, then he laughed uncontrollably, his laugh getting more and more obnoxious as it went on, and finishing when he screamed "I'M COMING FOR YOU WARREN!" then it stopped, the pain stopped, everything stopped and turned black.

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