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“7:47pm” a voice said. I shot up and grasped my chest, it felt like there was something heavy on it.
“7:47pm, that’s your estimated time of death, on the 13th of June. In other words two weeks ago.” The scientist said rolling around in his wheeled stool shuffling though papers.
“Why are you telling me this?” weakly I rubbed my eyes and blinked a few times.
“Subject has gaine consciousness and is able to talk…… Well Paul you’re just as important in this experiment as I am. So how are you feeling?” he asked.
“Whoa slow down there, you haven’t told me what is going on!?!? I-I-I died?”
“Oh yes, sorry about that, I’m John Rivers. I brought you back from the dead.” He said with a dorky smile then went back sorting papers. I attempted to stand, but felt myself losing balance and fell onto the floor smacking into something.
“HEY! Careful,” he grabbed my arm and pulled me back onto the bed. I rolled my head over on th pillow and looked at him.
“I know it’s a lot to take in but-“
“NO SHIT! I DIED, AND NOW HERE I AM!” He spun around in his stool. “It’s all for science. Let me explain…..” {After 20 minutes of explaining}
“YOU STOLE MY BODY?” I yelled sitting up real fast.
“YES! But like I said, there was something special about you, I knew it so I was….. um….. watching you…..” he said backing down a little. “Yes, yes I could’ve prevented your death, but I needed you to die, so I could do this test.”
I felt my fist fly though the air and strike him across the face. “YOU LET ME DIE?!jQuery172012955712527036667_1435706356321!?!?!!?” he looked up from the floor, “It’s all for Science!” he stumbled back to his stool and rubbed his chin, “It seems as if you regained your ability to punch, you’re well on your way to regaining all your vitals, Fascinating. And you’ve only been awake since 10 last night! Well, 9:57ish.” He chuckled as he scribbled something down on a paper.
Suddenly a phone rang. John looked up and towards me. “I’ll be right back.” He got up and left the room, locking the door behind him. So I took this time to survey my surroundings. There was his desks, and on them were piles of scattered papers, and some were on the floor, over to the right there was what looked like an operating table with a few blood stains on it and some medical tools. The wall behind me was covered in doors, reminding me of one in a morgue. Over to the left there was a chemistry set with a bunch of beakers and vials, one being boiled currently, bringing some sound to this otherwise silent room.
Then I felt my foot twitch. ‘Well, lets give walking another go!’ I thought to myself, I slowly lowered my feet to the floor and felt the shock of the cold tiles. Then gradually I started to stand until I was no longer leaning on the bed.
‘What an Achievement!’ for a moment I was actually proud of myself, until I remembered why I was here. I took a deep breath and took a step forward, but my knee suddenly gave out and I stumbled down taking an end table with me. Surprisingly it didn’t hurt. But I heard a TV click on. I rolled over to face the screen and decided to see what was on.
“Police are still looking into the case that has most medical professionals dumbfounded. 28 Year old, Brian Matthews mysteriously collapsed in his home Last night around 10pm. His Fiancé, Jane Hudson was brought in for questioning to help solve this case. More on the story at 10-“ the TV clicked off.
“Heh, I see you like watching TV.” John said picking up the remote. A Few things Clicked in my head, He collaspes the same day I get revived?

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