My Disinfigured Heartache created by ChaoticCandy 9 years ago

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"I hate the fact that you're ignoring me. But because I care so much about you, I take it all in, hoping one day you'll remember that I'm still here right by your side. Tears may be falling down my face, but that's because I'm saving the tissues for the moment your eyes are the ones that need a hug. My heart loves being roommates with yours, so please understand me when I say I'm quite addicted to your smile. When I told you your happiness mattered most to me, I meant it. So...I hope you're happy right now. I love you so much, but please stop walking away from me"
I wish I said that to the right person...
Do you ever end up in those situations where you have to forget about someone who made your heart feel loved everytime they looked at you? This is a little something I made. Things have been going on in my life, things that hurt me deeply. I lost a lot of motivation and inspiration to make songs on here, but I'm gonna fight it out. So, I'm trying to pour my feelings into my songs. Well I hope you all like it. And as always advice/feedback is greatly appreciated! :D

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