RIHSUS (Until I Die) created by Welat 11 years ago

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RIHSUS (Until I Die) - © Welat

I'm working on this Track actually since weeks! It was the first time , that i though it wouldn't be that good..I worked on this since "The Queen" Era..The Queen flopped pretty hard thoo.. After "The Queen", i released "Bad Girl Gone Good", which was one of my most succesful Tracks!! I wanna thank 'Only Rihanna' who promoted my track so much! "Bad Girl Gone Good" was actually a Track for them , still i was pretty suprised that it got so much attention. Thank You for that. "RIHSUS" is dedicated to "Only Rihanna" again , it's a THANK YOU. I also wanted to share my love to Rihanna. I love her so much , like you can't even describe it. !! She's really THE Woman. She's REAL. She the voice of our generation!

Thanks for all this support , even though i had some FLOP moments, most of the time i got many good reviews.. THANK YOU.

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