The Radical Entrusting created by Retexid 5 years ago

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Genre: Ballad Mood: Alone/Lonely Theme: Other

I was going to post it in the next two weeks,
but sorry I just couldn't wait any more.

It's officialy my best song. It really is.

I put a lot of emotions into this, spared my time
and Mind, because this song was so big that
I though It wouldnt fit to post.

It was half of the truth,
because previously this song
had a length of 18 (!) minutes,
and ironically... I couldn't post it.

So I was forced to make it a "little" bit
shorter, I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown , you can't imagine how pissed you are when you have to cut nearly 3 minutes of your best song.


The Radical Entrusting is a thing
you keep in your mind through the generations.

This is the shortest desc of song theme/

Trust in someone, that will surely bring a good light.


And finally I'm taking a break from MS
for nearly month, because I'm tired of
grinding this song.

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