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*As My slogan goes for most of my music.. The song was made with earphones, so of better quality.. WEAR EARPHONES!*

I think I've been listening to Cantarella a bit much. It really drove me to make this song... o_o

Before you ask, (you Vocaloid lovers you..) YES, that is Kaito Shion in a victorian style outfit. Your probably asking.. "What on Earth is this 'Cantarella' this.. crazy lady talks of?" mkay, Cantarella is like a love story, **Phantom of the Opera reference! If your looking for more info, you have the wrong web-sight though.. Google it!

Music wise, I am mixing a storm! Seriously, with all these new synth's, and such.. There is going to be a lot of good songs coming out >:D
So, yes I'm still doing the music requests thingy. If you've made a request, plz plz PLZ be patient. If you have a request, just put the genre, then if you want a certain instrument - insert name here..- and finally what tempo. If ya don't include whats on your mind, I might mess up :T

ANYWAYS, have a good day

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