Don't play with Fire created by oeroe2911 7 years ago

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Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Etc Theme: Other

this song is a remix of the original song "Alien dance" created by fellow shaker
JayDogMaster. I listened to this song, about 2 months ago, and I liked it a lot. So I used it as a bases to create a new song with it. it is about people who are messing with the paranormal world, and getting themselves in trouble by doing so. it is really dangerous to experiment with things like "calling ghosts" or "witchcraft" ! and when you doing these foolish games, you are really playing with fire !! Enjoy, and a big shout out for the creator of the original song, JayDogMaster ! THANKS for allowing the remix! OEROE!

~~~~~~~DON'T PLAY WITH FIRE~~~~~}}}}}}}

Remixed from Alien Dance by JayDogMaster
Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Light/Bright Theme: Animation
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