Parasite Eve (The Fable) created by Mafty 11 years ago

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Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Alone/Lonely Theme: Game

Millennium project : Cyberpunk Syndrome

Epic.8 - Parasite Eve (The Fable)

Category_Trance or Synthesizer

Original Created_Robert.M

New arrange Special edited edition Ver._ M.A.F.T.Y Company

~Theme for Aya Brea

Manhattan is under siege by the grotesque and horrifying Twisted
and humanity is powerless to stop them.
Aya Brea, from the popular Parasite eve series,
return in this gruesome nightmare as mankind's last hope.

Counteract fate...

(~Merry Parasite Eve !)

Completed_2012. 2. 28 Pm_9 : 51

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