End of the Knigh✞ Run created by Mafty 11 years ago

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Genre: Classical/New Age Mood: Warm/Comforting Theme: Movie

Millennium project : Cyberpunk Syndrome

Epic.6 - End of the Knigh✞ Run (Movie size)
(End of Moonlight MS Style Arrange RMX)

Genre : New Wave Technica

Based On Manga By. K.Sung Min

우주력 403년 인간은 괴수와 싸우고 있다.기사와 함께
광활한 우주를 배경으로 Fantasy SF가 다가온다.

Force escape

Run... And... Run... !!!

Fallen Angel

And... And... E.N.D

(왜 항상 마지막일까...)
(왜 항상 혼자였을까.?)

고독도... 슬픔도... 추억까지도...

모두... 기억할틈없이... 느낄틈없이


Like the sea under the last falling sun

My awareness calmly in you arms

Like the sky always be there for rising blue

If you see the moon in my life

I can Feel the sky with your light all night

untill the end of time

higher and higher you can catch my love

show me love catch my love always be my life

can't you be reflections in my eye

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