Kisario is 89Ford spreading lies created by Flickermouse 8 years ago

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sorry about this music Shake but blame that prick 89Ford!he just will not stop! Kisario is a 89Ford account! please go read he used a mule account to release supposedly thieniens last song a masterpiece that he boosted! : 89fords used this mule account to try like always to discredit me HE HAS CREATED A WHOLE FANTASY STORY AND RE- WRITTEN THE TRUTH OF THE PAST! NOT ONE THING HE HAS SAID IS TRUE!! ANYBODY WHO WAS HERE FROM THE BEGINNING CAN VERIFY THAT THIS MULE KISARIO IS TELLING A COMPLETE ABSOLUTE FAIRY TALE FOR WHICH 89FORD IS QUITE WELL KNOWN FOR! HE HAS CREATED SEVERAL DIFFERENT STORIES IN THE PAST NONE OF THEM ARE THE SAME OF COURSE! I WILL SAY 89FORD MUST BE THE MOST PETTY PERSON I HAVE EVER MET IN MY LIFE HE JUST WILL NOT STOP!

Well now 89Ford has exposed his mule kisario in another great attempt to grandstand and spew a whole new yarn of fairy tale courtesy of the delusional mind of 89Ford! This big masterpiece (of shit) supposedly worked on by Kisario and thienien !{which is a joke in the first place because Thieniens ego was as big as 89Fords that's why he was 89Fords favorite mule! anyways he never would work on a song with a noob because it was so far beneath his masturbating abiltiy!} So the part right there from the beginning tells you its bullshit! That this kisario who then posted the song because Thienien is gone and then tells of how great the master thienien was how everybody loved him how he was a saint! then proceeds to talk about the most hateful person on Music Shake guess who! "FLICKERMOUSE" then proceed to tell of my horrid deeds then goes into detail to tell the story of the savior 89Ford and and the demon flickermous in great detail! Oh by the way he is a noob remember but somehow he knows in great detail of things that happened years before he was here! are you getting the picture music shake i hope so!

This alone should tell you its a absolute fabrication made up by one of 89Fords many fake accounts I dont think i need to go any farther i think that alone expose 89Ford once again for his bullshit! oh and the great lie that Thienien tried to make peace with Flickermouse and she denied him! Fist off there was no such event second off there never would have been since 89Fordf knows i know Thienien is him! So that is hilarious! he is such a fucking asshole and he will get whats coming to him for his behavior! I can pick this fabrication apart much farther for those of you wwho are not capable of doing so your self just ask!

It does not matter if you like me are not 89Ford has spent 3 years trying to get everybody to hate me! though i have never done anything to anybody who did not attack me first!I if you use your head and do a little critical thinking you will see that I am telling the truth! the last song of Thienien was 89Ford SINCE 89FORD IS THIENIEN! HIS LAST DESPERATE ATTEMPTS TO TRY AND COVERUP THE TRUTH WITH NEW SHAKERS IN A DESPERATE HOPE HE CAN REGAIN HIS FALSE ICON HOOD WHICH ONLY EXISTED IN HIS OWN MIND YOU ARE NOTHING YOU WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING BUT A SMALL PETTY BOY 89FORD! THESE SAME TACTICS YOU USE OVER AND OVER ONLY FOOL THE WEAKEST OF MINDS ! MINDS LIKE YOURS! HE IS STILL trying to discredit me because i exposed him and this mule Thienien!t! 89Ford has been trying to re-write history ever since he got caught and exposed for being the hateful liar the bully the booster and the immature hateful boy that he will always be! I know a lot of you believe his lies and the lies of his many confirmed mule accounts he has here !but let me give you some truth he has no credibility anymore since he went public and admitted to everyone once before in the forums that everything i said about him was true! of course he recanted it later and tried to make up excuse why he had come clean about his abuse and lies !i don't think he knows the truth i think he is a sick man who is quite delusional with multiple personality disorder! he is hate ful he is mean! Everything to him is a battle where you must have a victor or a loser! except he cannot except when he loses

Here sis some truth 89ford! The truth about which one of us is here for the community and which one of us is here for his ego!I will gladly submit to have my account terminated along with its music if they will do the same to 89Ford! I gladly sacrifice myself for the community if it would stop this low life from continuing this destructive behavior which is single handily responsible for the destruction of the sight and why music Shake has thrown in the towel ! it is all because 89Ford! Now do you think 89Ford would do the same for the community do you think he would sacrifice anything for anybody else!Lets find out! !Come on 89Ford put up or shut up you piece of shit! If you care about the community which I know personally you dont since you told me! Lets see you be the hero you always boast about but have no idea what one truly is! A hero is one who sacrifices himself for the benefit of others! Something you have never done in your life and know nothing about! one of the many reasons you fail as a man! A true hero is not about glory and celebration thats what those who honor the hero do! But you are a bully you are weak you are small! you could never be a hero 89Ford!! You think you can put up or get the fuckj out! Terminate your account i will do the same Have supervised and terminated officially by music shake everything erased everything connected to the accounts erased every mules that is known erased!! plus a pledge not to return! with a signed contract that if broken said individual will be liable to other for financial penalties! I can have my lawyer and music shakes draw up the contract! I guessing you will do everything to wiggle out of this! oh and if you are not 18 then your guardian will sign and be held liable! do you got the balls! i highly doubt it! You have yet to show you have a pair since you came to music shake you psychopath! Now tell me who cares about the community and whoi cares about 89Ford! jack ass!

For all you sanctimonious Hypocrites who rushed out once again to shout how terrible and horrible the evil flickermouse is for making this song to point out the injustice done me I ask this where were your shouts when Kisario made his song totally trashing me! ahhh haaaaa not one of selfrightious ass's said one dam word in fact most of you thought it was just fine! Next time you rush out to point fingers point it at yourself because you all are just as guilty!

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