I'm Messed Up, Save Me (From Myself) created by LanternLight 10 years ago

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This is a Rock/Metal Kinda Techno piece. I named it 'I'm Messed Up, Save Me (From Myself)'. Why? Well, have you ever felt that feeling before? Like a part of you you're just afraid of? Or, that you just need to be saved from you, and your mistakes? Or, maybe even feel like you need to be caged up. Or actually want to kill yourself cause you think your Life is a mess? Well, you aren't alone, don't forget that. I know you feel alone. And you feel the need to be saved from yourself and your mistakes. You can be saved. If you reach to Jesus Christ you can. He will wash away all your Sins and mistakes. He will make you new. And remove your Demon inside. Just call out to Him to Save You From Yourself. I have, and it turned out wonderful. I am thankful He Saved me. And He will do the same to you. If you just ask for Saving. Or anything else, I am here for you. I can give you some little advice if you needed any. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this piece! I worked sorta hard on this one. Hope it's worth something. xD

Keep Rockin' It, Shiners!

~ LanternLight

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