The End Of Human Race (The Second Mass) created by NatureSounds 9 years ago

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Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Sad/Melancholic Theme: Other

The End Of Human Race is a long project I began a few years ago, the initial title was ''Stole, Flee, Repeat'' but I changed it due to atmospheric changes in the song. In the beginning, the idea was to create a song with different phases that would tell a story. The first part of the song would demonstrate the emotional atmosphere of a pre-apocalyptic moment; before the arrival of a gigantic asteroid. It's anxiety, fear, depression, stress, melancholy and a few other related emotions that can be felt during the melodies of the first part. Then, the action pops in; the second part begins. While the second part is playing you can imagine a few engineers in the cockpit of an enormous asteroid-derivating missile, it's an analogy to the fact that the human destroyed everything on earth and then, the universe decided it was over, but the human race decided it wasn't and fought till the very last second; this is why this part is so action-packed. The last part, you can guess by yourself, is the failure of the system to save humanity, a few foleys show an alarm and a big rumble in the distance confirming the end of the human race and of planet earth.

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