Hallow's Eve Autumn Festival created by Thienien 12 years ago

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Genre: Classical/New Age Mood: Dark/Heavy Theme: Halloween

NOTE: This song was released last year but it was not properly promoted.

Beginning: Hallow's Eve Dance and Festival

Middle: Hallow's Eve Chaos Festival

End: Thanksgiving and Christmas Beginning.

The Forest Garden of Dark Fruit festival .

The Fruit Garden Or The Dark Fruit Garden is cold Garden, Having it be cold with warm/comforting breezes seems contradictory. This feeling is accessible through the mind. Mental success is needed to see this garden. As it is cold, air molecules remain still making it easier to smell the fruit of the. The scents are that of our modern raspberries, Blueberries and other various wild berries. The fruit is grown from the severe emotional mental pain of the citizens.

We suffer and ache as we see the world we once knew as home crumble. We channel this energy into the system of vines and weeds and branches and bushes and even Tree tops and the growing begins. Growing fruit depends on the intensity of the pain. If one wishes to craft the perfect fruit of Faith for God, he will bide his time and nourish it with his/her dark energies days at a time perhaps weeks, months or years.

No matter how long it takes this fruit that was sprouted will grow. Night is constant for that is when people in the Shadow Of The Angelus are most active. We live in the shadows of God, hiding from injustice and shielding ourselves from evil and keeping our bodies pristine from corruption, spiritually and Physically. We grow these fruits as an offering to our Father. The Fruit are never ripe for we are never ripe, if a fruit was rich in darkness and perfection, then one of us would be perfection.

A fruit that has imperfection within it gives off a better flavor, scent and taste due to the fact we know nothing of true perfection. Deeply as our hearts grow in size, some mornings in the forest would be glorious with a warm sun, gentle breeze and bells from the Dark Chapel ringing for morning music.

These are the bells of The Angelus which lead us through the sacrificial road of Perfection.

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