The Black Hole!!! created by zabazuba 13 years ago

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Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Longing/Anticipating Theme: Other

this is one of my first electronic/Techno song(unless you count you should always be happy a techno song)

when i was making this song, i realized that it is kind of like a story.

if you don't get it ill explain it to you.

First your in a space cruse all happy enjoying dinner, when the space ship starts to shake very violently. you hear the captain saying "stay calm" on the intercom. then all of a sudden there is a short moment when the rumbling stops. everyone starts to calm down. but when you think its all over someone looks through a window and sees a giant black hole getting closer and closer.

Some people starts to panic and wounder what will happen to everyone.
but then the captain comes in the dinning room and he is holding a huge machine gun, no shirt, and a pair of shorts. then he says (in a frightening voice)," i eat black holes for breakfast".

The next thing you know he jumps out of the space ship and starts to shoot the heck out of the black hole. eventually destroying it.

When he comes back into the space ship. they throw him a huge party.

but then BAAM!!! another black hole appears XD

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