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Hiphop, R&B, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Jazz, Latin

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About me

I'm a big time Dallas Cowboys and Notre Dame fan. I enjoy good music. MattJCountry, Frank Dixon, Caleb, Tristan Blaine, Jesse Brown, Sharp Turn Ahead, Michael Magers, Donovan Dustin, Brothers Dube, Dalton Cyr, Brendan Macfarlane, Joshua Flores, Greylan James, Reed Deming, Colton Jacobson, Josh Taylor, Spencer Kane, Colby Acuff, Jessarae, Tyler Layne, AJ Silva, James Bell, J.R. Fondessy, Conner Blackley, Matthew Davidson, C-Boyz Starz, Jordan Jansen, Dallas Wayde, Maria Diebolt, Nicky Price, Christian Wossilek, Chris Monaghan and Jamie Nattier have Great Music. Check out their music and see for yourself.

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