The passage to Kilenia created by Nikowolf 12 years ago

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Genre: Classical/New Age Mood: Cool/Refreshing Theme: Game

This is a song suited for all those MMO players (like myself to who enjoy the music of the games. Fore Ex. Maple Story, La Tale, WoW, Dungeon Fighter, Etc.)

I crafted this song up for my love of gaming and my love for music. This took me about a week to comprehence and lots of time focusing on instruments that fit well. This song goes to a sort of tall tree area with plants, animals, rain too.

This was made a long while ago but I noticed it under my postings. So here's "The passage to Kilenia" Hope you all enjoy.

(For those of you who use Audio swap, or shake cash for my music, please do tell me if you plan to buy it or use it in Audio swap. Especially with Audio Swap, tell me beforehand. Thanks everyone!)

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May 09 2011
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