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We are all human

We are not different

We are not black, we are not asian, we are not white, we are not indian

Those are just names given to you

That is your reputation

Whether you want to live up to it or not

We need to stop trying to find the bad or the differences

Instead find the better

Do not discriminate because of what someone does

It is their choice

You cannot choose for them

You cannot tell them that is the wrong decision


Because you aren’t them

You will never be

You will never be in their position

We need to stop recognizing the bad and recognize the good

There is always something good to say
Your hair is nice
You are very kind
You are sweet
I like your clothes

Why are these phrases so far away from humanity?

I don’t know

Don’t go out and criticize someone, instead go out and use one of those distinct phrases.

Bad things NEVER just happen

They start when you start

The second you doubt your self or others or critique someone or yourself


That is when the bad happens

It doesn’t just come

If someone critiques you

Just remember one thing

You are perfect

They just don’t see that


Because they aren’t you

They never will be you

That’s your job

To be you

No one else has to be you except for yourself

Don’t go out trying to be someone else

Go out and try to be you

If you can’t find yourself


Continue looking

You may be lost

That is just because you need to be found

Found by who?

Found by you

You find yourself

When you are in troubled times

Find yourself

And think is that really me? Or am I just faking it?

Go out and tell everyone that you are in an argument with those foreign phrases

Because that could be the last time you see them

The last time you talk to them

The last time you hear from them

And the last thing they will remember

The last thing they will remember is you and you hating them or you critiquing them

There is no point criticizing someone, there is only a point if you are going to help someone

So listen

Listen to what other’s have to say

It could change you for the better

In this song I decided to start with a slow start showing bad times. As the pace picks up it shows the happiness in life. But it will slow back down again because nothing happy can stay forever. It ends with a higher beat just like you should. You should always end the day on a positive note so...


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