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The third song of my fourth album "Mystic". This one (hopefully) captures the oddity of the phenomenon known as the planetary alignment.

What is a planetary alignment? It's just what it sounds like; it's when planets align themselves in a row. Although it might seem like a relatively frequent happening, what I like to base my song off of is a "perfect alignment". Now, stick with me, I'm about to pull some astronomy on you guys:

Planets orbit the sun in elliptical patterns, but they don't do it on a 2-Dimensional plane. They all orbit in a 3-Dimensional plane. They don't only go left to right, but up and down a little too. Due to this, although it may look like the planets are aligned in a row from our perspective, in reality, they may be slightly misaligned, at least as far as the z-axis is concerned. A perfect alignment is when the planets align perfectly on all three axes. This kind of alignment, is rare; it's what makes it mystic.

ALSO: I've kinda neglected to post about "Rosy's Music Week" thing. This is day 3/5. Again, I won't nominate anyone, simply because I don't know anyone else to nominate XD

I hope you enjoy this track! (on a side note, you have no idea how many times I spelled "Planetart" XD)

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