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Hello listeners and lovers!!!

I dedicate this song to anybody who helped me with the voting of the comets, but especially:

#1 GComet!!!!! The one who brought me in
#2 Scootch2, Who has always loved my music and always commented :)
#3 Ccollins, Who has always ben there for me and one of my first fans!
#4 Brandonj1914, He's a very good dedicated friend who listens to all my music
#5 blanktown48 tied with Scootch2, and is a fellow schoolmate, and close friend!

There are many others, but I will always remember these five for my whole life as people, (shakers,) who were always there for me in the most desperate times. The five above are probably my favorite shakers here, and I think everyone should get to know them because they are awesome people and even more awesome friends!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hope you like the song!)

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Nov 10 2014
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