OEROE'S DAYTRIP created by oeroe2911 9 years ago

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Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Running/Wild Theme: Remix

This daytrip, is a remix of the original song "Say Hoooooo!!!" , created by fellowshaker Jackmusic ! I would like to give a big SHOUTOUT 2 Jack!! Jack's songs are really worth while listening, so check him out! Enjoy your TRiP !!

( this daytrip should be taken with a high doses of sound volume , to get the best result !! )

~~~~~~OEROE'S DAYTRIP~~~~~~~}}}}}}}}

Remixed from Say Hoooooo!!!! by Jackmusic
Genre: Hiphop Mood: Happy/Excited Theme: Mother's Day
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May 12 2014
May 19 2014
Sep 26 2016
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