the BBB S0NG (Blanktown Birthday Blast) created by oeroe2911 10 years ago

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Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Light/Bright Theme: Birthday

Today it is shaker "BLANKTOWN" ( Tyler ) his birthday !! He became a "real buddy" of mine, here on Musicshake, and dis morning ( in Holland) he asked me, to create a Birthday song for him. So who can say No, to such a nice guy, who creates such awesome techno songs? So I had to go back to theLab....and mix some wonderful sound bites, just like a real "birthday cocktail" and this BBB Techno Cocktail is for my good (old) friend Mister DeeJaY BLANKTOWN!! Congratulations Tyler ! and I hope this will not make you to DiZZY...LOL! one small advice....the LOUDER you replay this song, THE BETTER IT WILL SOUND!! Try it! Enjoy! OEROE


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