Ignite the Stars created by LadyFawkes 8 years ago

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Genre: Pop Mood: Light/Bright Theme: Animation

Inside of every one of us lies a spark.
It is the spark of creativity.
In some, it remains nearly dormant.
But in others, it is kindled like a roaring fire.

You were drawn here. You DO have a purpose.
Do you think you found MusicShake because you were bored?
No, my friend. It was meant to be.
Discover that your spark is not only a spark...

It can be fanned to became not only a flame
It can be more than a roaring inferno
It is more like a heavenly body, burning in space
And together, here, we can IGNITE THE STARS.

I apologize for the misdirected link originally posted on my profile. There was a problem with the drumline in the original Ignite the Stars. It has since been switched.

Genre: Pop Mood: Happy/Excited Theme: Movie
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Mar 11 2013
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