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after the skirmish he had encountered, half of eli's battalion was gone. as he finished up with his men, he goes back to the telegram to find out what the general's next orders for him was. as Eli read the message, a grimace appeared upon his face. the message read "lieutenant Eversman, you are on orders to assist the British with operation torch. have the rest of your squad ready. you leave November 8 at 0600". he looks at the condition of his unit, but carries on with his duty. a week has passed and the day has finally come. the invasion of French North Africa was in process and the allies charged guns first. as the boats unload the soldiers, the machine guns pick off 3 of Eli's troops. a direct approach would be suicide. "off the sides!" he yelled, as the soldiers hopped off. they rushed up the beach, taking cover whenever possible. an explosion disorients Eli, as the rest of his squad is shot down. he is separated and deep within enemy lines. as he looks around, he is surrounded by soldiers. the problem was that they weren't the allies, it was the Germans! they took Eli captive as they brought him to Offizierlager, a pow camp for officers. not left with many options, he does not have much chance for escape. to be continued....

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