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This is for the 30,000 children that have been abducted into LSA rebellion by a leader named Joesph Kony. I ask all of you to go to and become a member to help stop this man for creating an army of children, and to train them to steal, kill, and destroy.

Kony is the worlds #1 most wanted in every nation. He is spreading through Uganda and all of Africa. Selling girls into sex slavery. And raising young boys into pure darkness.

You alone can make a difference, the US government is finally taking a stand. They need our support, to spread the word about Kony to make him known. So that people can be aware of what's really going on today.

Please if you have the heart and time, to remix this song in your own way. And Post this photo as a notification to all. It doesn't matter who you are, knowing the truth, can help make a difference.

To be most up front with you, rescuing children is a passion of mine. Hearing their stories of escape from things like sex slavery.... it's so powerful. I was in Turkey in 2009-2010 and being apart of their lives showed them hope for a better future, and that anything is possible.

If you for some reason need proof you can go to my facebook page Liz Sims. And check out my album working with the women and children in the rescue home. Also, there is a youtube link on my profile. Please go to it. And watch the video. It'll change your life.

Thank you for reading. And listening. Even something like spreading the word is making a huge difference...


I guess the words out that Kony died 5 years ago. I don't know which one is true. But regardless, this is still for the 30,000 plus that died, or got abducted. Please do your own research before supporting Invisible Children. Let it be a reminder that there are still men and women like Kony out there!

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