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The Life we all live in currently. A world where nearly everyone you intend to socialize with is tone deaf, color blind, Deaf of all Common sense, Dead Inside or Stubborn. These are the people i sometimes look up to; In Other words i wish i could be these people, I wish i could lower myself to their levels and feign death in a Rampaging reality. I want to slip into a Coma but i'm afraid that is no longer possible aside from the obvious solution. Death is the best tasting medicine for a Person like me. It's the best Remedy, the best sleep adhesive and the punishment for those who sleep to escape reality. A fancy rich satin/silk and honey scented curtain is what protects us from the so called "insects" who pester us with the truth thus preventing us from awaking from a painful bite. It must be nice blinding ourselves to reality to the fact where everything is a joke, Everything is fuzzy, cute, Animals are just the most disgusting yet "adorable" of creatures. Asian women are the best women on the earth, Japan is the most desirable nation to live on, We all love Nigahiga, Fred, Shane Dawson, Ray William Johnson all these pointless you tube fanatics that will do nothing to help you better yourself to becoming the Godly Image you're meant to be. We sleep, we slack, we Die. We work, We Toil, We slack, We die. Listen to your emotions. Suffering is how you must live. You must engage in your fears, weaknesses and hatred in order to thrive Righteously. Sadly, so far all i can see on this earth is material loving Morons once called Human beings. I have given up hope many times but It was always found again by my love and Faith for Humans even though they seem to Not be.

I Pray for Everyone. No one deserves to be given up on, But as someone who would probably like to see you die but Ressurect as someone of perfection.

Wake up

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