Favorite genre

Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Classical/New Age

Favorite artists

One Republic, The Piano Guys, if you don't know about them you're missing out, Lindsey Stirling, also amasing, Bastille. Darren Hardy.

About me

I love musicshake! there is so much different music! LOL! I Hope everyone will like my songs. I'll do my best to make them out of the ordinary and worthy to be on this awesome site. :) i Have a brother JohnDC69 please check out his songs and favorite. Any suggestions on instruments or mixing on my songs are more than welcome. i would love to know how to make my songs awesome. i'm really into peaceful songs, working torwards that, so if one of my songs captures you please say so. i would love to know my music is fulfilling it's purposes. ; ) After a few songs i find there starting to sound the same, if you know what i mean, so again suggestion on instruments or anything else is more than welcome. tidalwave69

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