Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, Pop, Ballad, Jazz, Classical/New Age

Favorite artists

Sean Hayes, William Fitzsimmons, Asian kung fu generation, three days grace, Faded Candence, Rosi Golan ,Life.1 Entertainment, Surface soundtrack, RIP SLYME, MIYAVI, Hearts Grow, Thyme, BIGBANG, 2NEI, SkankFunk, Hollywood Undead, Lost Prophet, The Last Wi

About me

Hey. currently 18. My real name is Jeff. My full name is Jeff Ratsamy. If you want to find me on facebook and talk to me about my views of music go ahead. Well i have stopped working on musicshake. I started when i guess i was 10. I made a really good song around the age of twelve. most of you know that its peaceful year. I am currently thinking of returning to the sensation and making music back here on musicshake. :D
Well thats pretty much it. My views of music pretty much just express the views of a soul, oh how it wavers and throws itself around. I prefer to make acoustic and sing and a lot of soft songs. Well, talk sing in a monotone is what I do. Cause you know.

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