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Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Jazz

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People you probably wouldn't know....

About me

Hi! My name is MisterTor! I'm just another person on Musicshake.


1. My song "This Winter" got number EIGHT in the charts! Woohoo!! First top ten! :D

2. I RARELY ADVERTISE. What I'm really trying to say is, if you found your way here somehow, good job!

3. I'm now using windows! I can finally get the advanced app! Hooray for me.

4. LATEST SONG: Intergalactic Joyride
Let's Goooooo!!!

5. FEATURED SONG: This Winter

I like to make catchy and interesting tunes that hopefully will make you IMAGINE WORLDS! Yah.
My songs can get sorta loud and are usually filled with many instruments!
Have a go, listen. I'm letting you know right now, if you don't like my songs, or you think they need improvement, that's your opinion, and I respect that. Just be sure to tell me why, and make sure it's constructive!

I'm an "indie" artist on Musicshake, and I usually advertise only to a few select individuals. I try to put as much effort into my songs as necessary. Pylon City, and Willpower Station are my best songs!
Personal Favorites!
{Endless Adventures}
{School Interest}
{Willpower Station}
{This Winter}
{Pylon City}
+-.-+-.-+-.-+-.-+Imaginary Worlds (Album 1)+-.-+-.-+-.-+-.-+

1. Imaginary Worlds (Dreamy)
2. Dawn in the City (Happy)
3. School Interest (Sentimental)
4. Absolute Free Roam (Happy)
5. Encounter (???)
6. We Are The Troublemakers (Dance)
7. GAME OVER (?)
8. Coffee Break (Calm)
9. GO IMAGINE (End Summary)

~=~=~=~=~Starlight Reunion (Album 2)~=~=~=~=~

1. Starlight Reunion (Romantic)
2. Exosphere (Sci-fi)
3. Make it Through (Happy)
4. Ocean Crescent (Also Happy)
5. Midmorning Breeze (It's all happy)
6. Quiet Hangout (Chill)
7. Freerun (Intense)
8. I've Got Spare Time (Happy, Nostalgic)
9. Endless Adventures (Cheery -> Dreamy) {Album End}

-}-{-}-{-}-{-}-{-}-{-} {Pylon City (Album 3) }-{-}-{-}-{-}-{-}-{-}-{-
1. Pylon City (Trance)
2. Silk Skies (Also Trance)
3. Revisited Memories (Happy!)
4. Ascension (Techno)
5. This Winter (Happy, Nostalgic)
6. Overhype (Energized)
7. District 28 (Cinematic)
8. Skyline (Scenic)

:-:-:-:-:-"Long Weekends" (Single)-:-:-:-:-:

~(O.O)~ Pece.

I wish you could turn your own sound files into tracks on Musicshake...

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