Am I the Only One? created by Hanyuchama 12 years ago

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Genre: Ballad Mood: Sad/Melancholic Theme: Other

The theme song for one of my Mabinogi characters, Eisya Marsanya. She is a blind Elf who can see with the power of Mana, but everybody in Filia sees her as weak because of her handicap. She believes in herself and wants more than anything to be independent... but is there something that she longs for?

I used Mini's voice so that I could write the lyrics. When my voice gets better, I'm gonna try to record the lyrics myself. For now, enjoy these:

Night has come, and I am trapped in this world that

You built to keep me from

Wandering to a new place in time where I

Can be all that I am

Why do you keep me here, holding my hand?

I can walk on my own

But still you say that the world is too scary to see

Even though I know what’s there


Am I the only one who sees my strengths, all that I hold?

I know that I’m strong enough to make it

Am I the only one who can believe that I can do all

That you say I can never see?

I will never see the rainbow that smiles across the sky

Or know the color of my eyes

But I can see what’s in your heart, how you feel inside

I know more than you can ever hope

But with one step forward, you reel me in again

Why don’t you believe that I can do much more?

I just want to go to where no one’s ever been before

Just let me go

(Repeat chorus)

(Piano solo; humming)

The time has come for me to go

To a place where I can be on my own, where I can see

Let go of my hand, it is time to let me go

I am my own life

And now I have paradise, my own world

A place where I can live without you by my side

But what is this that I feel?

Could I be alone? Do I miss your hand…?

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