I Want You created by Hanyuchama 12 years ago

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Genre: Other Mood: Longing/Anticipating Theme: Other

Yeah, y'all know the drill: second version of my first original Vanessa song.

Changes from the original:
Volumes of instruments/vocals changed

Lyrics (that I'm still totally embarrassed of):

I believe you when you said to me that you want me to
Share love with you, but you did not give our love a chance
Yes, you did want me for a while
And then you changed, now I got to let you go

Can't wait 'till you come back home
You've been away from home for a long while
And, boy, I want to share with you
A love, my lovin', just like it was
Baby, I'm here for you

Truth be told is I want you, boy
Boy, I thought you knew
I'd like to show you I've got what you're ready for
Whatever you want
I love kissing you, holding hands, dinner, movie
I adore you, you adore me
Truth be told is I want you, boy
Boy, I thought you knew
I'm gonna take you home

Before you say goodbye tonight, can I get a kiss?
I'd like to taste your soft lips
Come closer, hold me tight, here with you feels so right
I see you want me in your eyes

Giving you my best is the least that I can do
The moment we share is forever
You're my destiny
When I'm feeling blue, you've been there for me, my one and only
I love you

(Repeat chorus)(Instrumental)

There's a reason I called you here, I was really missing you
Take my hand, boy, I want to show you love
If I turn down the lights, and if I turn up the bed
Are you ready for my lovin'?

You and I, here for the first time
Lying here, about to make sweet love to you
Time is right, so ready for you
This is the real thing, boy, don't you be afraid

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