Leave it to Me created by Hanyuchama 12 years ago

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Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Love/Romantic Theme: Other

The second version of my redone soft rock song. It's pretty much the exact same thing as Is it You? with new vocals.

Changes from the original:

Volumes on instruments/vocals changed


I'll be there whenever you call, no matter wherever you are
I am the right girl for you, let's let love do what it do
There's a place for us to *broke?* those closer to our heart's devotion, oh, boy
I will be there for you

No one can take your place, you brighten up my life
You're a hard act to follow, only you can fill me
My heart belongs to you, my love belongs to you
So good, it's all just for you


I will be there for you, whenever you call me
You don't have to worry, I'm all yours, you've got all my love
I will be there for you, whenever you call me, baby
I know what you need, leave it to me, boy, you'll be happy

You say you really wanna be with me, tonight our love will take flight
Ooh, relax, enjoy; I want you, you want me
Let's get together and have somefun, I need you here beside me
There is no other to take your place

You and I together can conquer all
You and I together can conquer the world
You and I together will go and share love
I thank God you came into my life

(Repeat chorus)
(Guitar solo)

I can't stop thinking of you, boy, you mean so much to me
You make me smile when I see your face
These feelings I have for you, I cannot deny
Whatever you want, it's yours, come to me now

(Repeat chorus)

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