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If you don't know what this is by now... well, then you're either new to my music or just really don't pay attention. This was my first song using the new vocals, and it's just the music of One More Time with new lyrics. Yay. And you can actually understand this one! :O

Changes from the original:
Volumes on instruments/vocals changed


I always think about you, can't get you off my mind
My heat is burning for you, boy I want you
You are the only one who makes me feel like I'm a queen
Baby, I love you, I need you tonight

You're the one in this world made for me
Everything 'bout you I love, you are the one I choose
When together, we are perfect
No one can penetrate the love we have

Baby, night after night, the little things you do
Feel so good; the way you touch me
Now's the time for you to do the things
You do to me; I am all yours

No one *do?* me the way you do, no one loves me the way you do
Don't know why you care, but I'm glad you dare
My body tingles all over whenever you stand close to me
Come and hold me tight, kiss me if you dare

Racing with destiny, just me and you
We found a love that's true, I am your girl
Together forever, we can conquer the world, boy
I love the way you make me feel

(Repeat chorus)
(Repeat chorus)

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