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Hi everyone,
wew 26th song already... well to be honest I have made so many different songs in the past that I didn't even know what I should make for my 26th song. But I did manage to make a song and at first I named it My Guardian Angel, because of the tune. But then I realized that it would have really fit in to a zelda game.. So therefore the name.
The name is based on the very old but classic game... Zelda: The ocarina of time.
Well then, this song describes the battle between link and ganondorf.. the first part is meant to describe the journey for link to make his way to the final ultimate fight. And then the second part, describes the battle itself. And at the end this song, stops a bit abstract and abrupt but I did that on purpose. Well then long story behind a simple song, just enjoy it and leave me your thoughts, your comments or rate it or whatever you wanna share with me :) And ill be happy to check out any of your songs.
Link beat Ganondorf, he was the savior of Hyrule....
~Tanzudo~(aka Diversity)

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