Diversity Chain Reaction MPV1 created by Tanzudo 16 years ago

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Hello everyone,,
Yes Yes I am back with a new fresh masterpiece song. It's been a couple of months since I posted a new song. However this one took me a long time, due to being bussy all the time. Also this is the master piece volume 1 version , so thats what mpv1 means. So you might already guess there is going to be another one. Mpv2 however thats going to take a few months probably. Well I hope you all enjoy this one and take my advice when I say that you should listen to the ENTIRE song. Yes I know it's LONG (8.30) to be exact. But if you want to be entertained to the max with this song then you should take my advice. Also sorry that I didn't upload it faster, but this one took me 3 hours to upload... :( Due to some internet problems. However ENJOY and COMMENT and perhaps RATE this song. :)


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