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This is my 4th song in 4 days, which is what I was nominated to do by rosypony1. She created "Music Week"; and for those who are chosen, they release a song each day for 5 days. I hope with the short time allowed for mixing, that you find it enjoyable to listen to.

I've said before, that it is no easy task to do; especially if you usually spend much more time, sometimes a month, or, or more on working a song slowly for the best sound.

I thank Rosy for the nomination, but as I am finding it increasingly difficult to do a daily song release because of my "other life" (my Mom went on hospice care a few weeks ago shortly after my cat was euthanized - so it's been a tough road to travel ever since the end of May) I cannot promise there will be another song tomorrow. I guess I should have waited on this in hindsight. Sorry, Rosy, but it's not your fault in case you feel at all guilty. It's up to me to say what I can or cannot do. Thank you anyway!!

I hope you enjoy listening to this song!!

Thank You

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