Heaven is Screaming Down at You! created by oeroe2911 4 years ago

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Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Warm/Comforting Theme: Other
[Real] Relay Marathon
[Mixed] Electric Bass
[Back Rhythm] Strong Electric Guitar
[Melody] Enthusiastic Distortion Guitar
[Back Rhythm] Tense Electric Guitar
[Real] Pit-ta-pat
[Effect] Arghh!
[2x Fast] Whip
[Rhythm Arpeggiator] Depressing Dark Synth
[Arpeggiator] Marvelous Rezo Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Sticky Lead Synth
[Arpeggio] Relaxing Grand Piano
[Harmony Counter Melody] Calm Violin Ensemble
[Chord Voicing] Lucid Modern E.P 2
[Bounce] The boy who runs a time
[Real] Keen Arrow
[Melody] Splendid Electric Guitar
[Moving] Holy Wind Pad Synth

Heaven is Screaming Down at You!! This Rock Song is a collab0ration between Shakers CAB1 and OEROE2911 ! Cole produced the original song, and OEROE 'oeroenized' the Song !! Enjoy the Song! OEROE


Remixed from This Sorrowful Life by CAB1
Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Sad/Melancholic Theme: Animation
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