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Chapter 2 Life on Ursa
It’s been 15 years since we left earth’s atmosphere for the last time. i only vaguely remember anything else besides what I said to you. It just seems so long ago, almost like a dream. I’m alone now, 33 years old and alone, alone in room 698. The last room on the end on the 7th floor. Every other room has 2 people residing in it. I Still have the nightmares about Earth and nightmares about my short time on it. All the fresh air, trees, animals, my cat, Hamball. What a furry little guy. He’d always lighten up my day. Nowadays I lie in my room, gazing at the ceiling…. That is when I’m not on missions.
That day we left earth all residents of Ursa was lined up and given jobs based on there skills. Me, only being 18 didn’t have many skills, the first job they said was Doctor, then I corrected them by mentioning that I had no medical skills, they then said trooper. So now I am a soldier, in the Ursa Army, an army that consisted of every ethnic group that was on Earth. I spent 14 hours of everyday for 2 years in Boot Camp. I hated it very much. But look at me now. I feel so in shape. In shape, yet empty.
Missions come so rarely, the Ursa may travel 1000 Lightyears per hour, but we don’t run across habituated planets very much. So I have a lot of down time, to sit and reflect. I sometimes feel as if this ship is a prison. Theres no individuality here. Everything is either dull tan or gray. The color of Metal out does anything. It’s not like the leaders enforce against colors, people draw, paint do stuff freely. It’s just that the builders of Ursa didn’t really put a lot of time into the appearance of the interior. Heck there’s even a little band on the 4th floor that plays us music every now and then. I go down and listen to them every now and then. But most of the time I don’t go, it reminds me too much of Earth.
I am not much of a people person. I eat alone in my ‘dorm’. I never go out and hang with people. I try best to avoid the Plaza. The plaza is the center of amusement on Ursa, malls, food court, even an arcade. The arcade games though are the old training simulators for the army.
I am not completely alone. I do talk to some people, like theres Dylan. It turned out we have a lot in common. He comes over to my dorm occasionally, we talk, play chess, but it’s not very often. His job is engineer, and theres always stuff breaking down on this ship. He’s taught me a few things about the structure of the ship and some mechanics. Then there’s Justin. He’s probably the one person on this ship who has it worse than I do. I am the only person who he talks to him. Not because he doesn’t talk to others, but everyone ignores him. His job is janitor, sure theres like 100 janitors, but his area is the ‘Base’, in other words the very lowest floor on the ship. There’s not even an elevator button for it so he has to take the stairs. He swears he only got that job because he’s black. There is some racial things about Ursa, but I think that only because who’s in charge.
Whenever I decide to go visit Justin I end up helping him clean. The Base is like the back side of a pumpkin, the side that, never gets maintained and is an eyesore, not to mention theres no lighting down there and it’s always cold. The Base is used as storage of stuff that nobody ever uses. Old boxes full of god knows what.
I can’t forget to talk about the old man that everyone likes, Mr. Cremshaw. Nobody know why he was choosen, he’s way to old to do anything useful, but he always sits on the bench to the right of the elevator. I sit and chat to him once and a while, we have a good laugh or 2 and we go our separate ways. But still, most of the time I lock myself in my room and stare at the ceiling, staring at my card, that I taped to the ceiling right above my bed.
On another note, I think how its amazing how well everyone coincides with each other. The population of Ursa is almost evenly spread out in different races, and people from different countries. There’s an occasional brawl every now and then, but it’s almost like everyone forgot what they stood for on earth, no countries, no religion, no land to fight over, its just everyone as one. Something we never had on Earth, but it makes me think, did it really have to sacrifice 90% of Earth’s 7 billion people to make us realize that there can be world peace?

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