I DID IT MY WAY/ ROCK created by scootch2 9 years ago

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REMIX from my previous posting. No vocals, temp/beat leaning towards Rock and some change up on a number of instruments. tnks 4 dropping by, hope you like.........Beyond the Stars and on the other side of the known Universe stands a lone figure. At first glance it seems that the entity is asleep, so you make your way towards it. As you near closer a tiny voice becomes audible to your ears and it's voice sounds almost panicky. The best thing you decide is for you to get as far gone from there as possible. BUT just then it hears you and turns. With blood coming from it's eyes or is that tears it screams at you...
Have you seen them? Seen whom you ask! "The Kentucky Moonshine Boys" are you as deaf as you are stupid, he say's, they stole my jug! Then you realize, you are face to face with a LEPRECHAUN. Wait a minute, aren't you suppose to worry about that pot of Gold next to you? GOLD SH-MOLD, that's easy to get but moon-shine/white-lightning, now THAT takes some trickery.

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