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tnk u 4 listening;
I tried to cross genre with E/T and Rock;
Shout-out of thanks to oeroe2911 for his help on the how to. this is themed after the movie Armageddon with Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck also Liv Tyler the daughter of Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith.
From 0-1:03, we get to know that goofball of a drill team being sent out to space. I worked out in the Gulf Oilfield for 30yrs. and believe me, They Can Be a Handful;. Finally all is done including a crash cores on Space Flight/Walk and up up and away they go.
1:04-1:24, The Shuttle breaks away from Mother Earths Cocoon and they get a taste of free-fall; THEN
1:25-2:29, Their 1st up close and personal look at their target AND from their things just go from bad to worse. After a number of close calls, their is but one choice left. One has to stay behind to do a manual detonation do to damage to triggering mechanism of the NUKE on their approach. Who else but Mr. Die Hard himself.
2:30-2:49, Sadness, grief, heart-ache et. for one left behind, but at the moment we don't have time for all that. It is time for us to make a hasty retreat cause shit's about to hit the fan. THE END
Thank you for listening.......PEACE

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