OEROE'S SYMPHONY OF ROCK created by oeroe2911 10 years ago

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Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Running/Wild Theme: Other

Like the title of the song already says, this is a Symphony of Rock Music! And like you can see at the picture, Rock is here to stay, and it will even sink your Boat ! LOL!
So, don't forget to put on your lifeguard belt, before you push replay......

EnjoY and have Fun !

~~~^^^~~~~~^^^~~~~~~~~SYMPHONY OF ROCK

XXX This message is for the coward, who has a very SICK mind, because he waits until the song is older than 24 hours, and then he /'she will steal a star from the song by under rating the song, by using at least 5 fake accounts! If you would only know, how folish you are, by thinking that you can change the reality of your biggest fear, which is the idea, that there are people who do make music in a way you can not do yourself!! Let me tell you that every time you steel a star in this way, I will compensate for, by creating even more and better songs! I was born into this world to fight sick minds ! and you are one of them! And let me tell you this, you will get worse and worse by creating your songs in this way! because it is a simple fact how energy works! you are your own judgement, and will become just that. what you're trying to do to others! A NOBODY!! CONGRATZ!! OEROE!

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Jul 22 2013
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