Till the Death of War created by DarkSoul615 8 years ago

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Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Alone/Lonely Theme: Animation

Imagine: A little kid as innocent as could be just walking around their village when solders come from no where in numbers greater than the villagers. Many run but don't get far. After a few days everything is over and the damage is too horrible to forget, all are dead but one. That one innocent child at the beginning of the story survives and listens to the last thing their mother played, the only item that remains, a music box. The very music box that bring hope for a new life and beginning for this already dead child who still breaths and lives somehow.

DarkSouls615's Note: I was thinking of putting these songs that I make on here on youtube but I am not sure if I should. What do all of you shakers think?

Thanks for listening to this song, hope you liked it.

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Jun 17 2013
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