Open your heart !! created by oeroe2911 12 years ago

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With this song, I try to get everybody finaly to Open Up his / her Heart , because only if we all Open Up our Heart, Our World can change in to a "Heaven on Earth"!
the Time is Now to realise this, because we have had a lot of Unhapiness and misery in the Times behind us ! But everybody is different, and lives in a different "beat" so to speak ! that's wy I did put 9 different beats and drums in this song, so everybody can identify with his / her part, that fits them best! Enjoy and Open UP! OEROE!

You Dit it Again!! Awesome ! you're the biggest F00L on the entire internet! What do you do on this planet with Awesome People? you can't even handle it when someone creates much better songs than you do!! you will always be "the Looser" ! So better get used to that fact I will be watching you ! I am no fool, and I already told you YOU LOOSE! only you are to stupid and obsessed with negativity to understand that by every time you do this useless act of under rating other people's creations, you will finaly DESTROY YOURSELF! Eat your HEART OUT!! AWESOME OEROE!!

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Feb 25 2013
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