..The..Boy..Who..Cried..Music created by cojjlk 12 years ago

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Once There was a boy he was lonely all he could do was start Sitting in the dark on the computer all day and then as time passed he began to dislike the computer he noiticed the the only reason he liked it was to hide the truth inside then he learned Don't hide the truth or it will come back to you he thought the pain in his heart will never be cured then he listen to music and all his problems where gone he felt like music brought him to a new world like a new place where he did not need to worry because it was a new start in a new place he wanted to spread his joy to the world through what was musicshake nobody listen to his music though he felt like nobody liked his music that nobody could be like him no one liked his music nobody listen to the peace the joy the happiness only some people understand him and fell the pain nobody sees the love and understanding in music they only used it for senseless entertainment he is the one who cried music nobody listen to his call of destress infact they hated it so he ran from his passion because it caused to many bad memories he wants to come back but the joy and happieness they destroyed it the path to the new world is closed the only way for him to come back is to let the people see the happieness they do not see its true power unlike him please open the gate back for him

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