Favorite genre

Hiphop, R&B, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Classical/New Age

Favorite artists

afrojack,steve aoki, and all those djs

About me

i am 17 now and this is where i started my quest for a music carrer and looking back reading this i just realised i was 13 or 12 when i started this and you guys inspired me so much to continue on and adventually i decided to quit music shake not because i dont make music anymore over the ages i have grown intrest in other genres and wanted to make music better so because of musicshakes limitations i have gone to other producing softwares and make better quality music now all the music i post is in my sound cloud account DJ cojilik beware my music has changed over the years there is alot more electro and dubstepmy old status: i have never shared this on the internet but i am 13 and have alot of computer knowledge because i dont have much kids my age in the area so i spend most time on the enternet talking to other people but i have had some terrible life experiences that have made me emotionless its hard to explain the only thing that lift me up are music,inspiration,and talking and getting along with my friends plese take some time to listen to my songs ^.^ ow yeah i"m a boy to thank you for taking time to read this onother message please check out my sound cloud i now on post there DJ cojilik i dident deleat my old status 4 the memories

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