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I love the oboe. lol. playing around with some oboe variations this weekend. this is my first classical style of music. i had wanted to make a song for valentines day, but i was in the middle of my RB series and being obsessed with aesthetics as i am, i couldn't possibly place a song out of sequence; so, i had to wait until my RB series was finished. ha! i placed a song out of sequence once and it still bothers me to this day. lol. so, i know, classical, you're yawning already. give it a listen and maybe you like it. i cannot control the tempo or the notes used over on MS; so it is what it is as it were. the computer program gives me samples of 20 second sections of music. some of the sections are in rhythm; some are in bass; some are in melody and so on. it is like a big puzzle that you must put together in the correct order to complete a competent song. it is fun though limited. the melodies to work with aren't terribly strong but you do what you can with what's available.

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Feb 27 2023
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