the time to shine is now!!! created by jeanpitre 16 years ago

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this is a song i made just a few weeks ago. i've been practicing it alot. and here it is. i don't know any frieds who play in a band, although i've tried to find some. no luck. so i'm posting it as a guitar solo. maybe mudvayne will like it. who knows.

one thing though. don't judge it on crappy sound. the song went from the amp, to my recorder, then to the computer mic. so i could imaging alot of sound quality would be lost. i actually poped a string during recording. as you'll here, i miss a note and quickly get back to playing. i had to use my 2nd string as a replacement for the 1st string in like a second's notice, which i think was quite amazing. i usually would just restart. ^__^

hope you like it. and if mudvayne reads this. I PLAYED THIS. so if you think it's good, despite sound quality that was lost during recording, it'd be cool that you'd consider it. :)

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