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Favorite artists

S3RL, Ganar, Bridson, LIGHTS, Al Storm, Krystal Jump, Cat like thief (the happy hardcore group...not the rock band) Dj Isaac, Dj Zany, etc

About me

Hello there!

I'm Pixelia!

Please like my page on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pixeliamusic?ref=hl

I'm here to make electronic music for your entertainment.

My favorite genres of electronica are: Jumpstyle, Happy Hardcore, 8-bit, and Hardstyle!

My favorite musical instrument is the Synthesizer.

You can message me anytime. Favorite and rate my music! I would love to make it to the top ten on musicshake. Listen to my songs and comment if you love them. :D

This has been Pixelia...bye bye (

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