Favorite genre

Electronic/Techno, Ballad, Classical/New Age

Favorite artists

Mili- Fable; Esen- Good Morning; D.A.O.K.A- Girl; Beethoven-Feralise; Mozart-The Marriage of Figaro; Ruelle

About me

Intermediate violinist
Beginner pianist

I was PianoNinja's fan before they were famous XD & they are my favorite artist on here

Recommend: Listen to A Grieving Heart (Piano Ninja) then Lost (meline910) almost like a sequel.

This page was made by my best friends and I when we were little, our first song was creepers

Will listen to your song if you message me

Celine+Melissa= Meline
(This account is mostly Celine)
Follow main: sugarplum120

Thanks for encouraging me every time PianoNinja.

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