Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, Electronic/Techno, Ballad, Classical/New Age

Favorite artists

Owl City, Walk Off The Earth.....And I don't know

About me

Hello! I am young but not young enough to make songs! I am a fine good soft music listener, so perhaps I can hear one of your fine songs...I am younger than my Bro but he can get what he deserves, so he is Whatup11, and me the Aron is Out!

Ps: I love pokemon!
I love Aron and Shieldion
PPs: NEWS! My theme... For the following 1-2 weeks.. Is Kid Icarus Uprising! I will make boss themes.. So Enjoy!
Real Name: I wants to be called by Aron
Weigh: Over 120 Pounds..

Wonder of the Lands
The Beast - Pokemon (Iron theme)
The Mystical Wizard
LOL11'S Lightning Theme: Pokemon
When God Calls Upon Me
Pokemon - The Ultimate Battle
Party Rockin' Hero
Broken Down
Power of the Truth. Pain of the Lies
Metal of Beats
Sweet, Cozy Lullaby
Dark Dreams
The Sad about losing one
Battle's Six
The Arrow of Light
Who Want's to get Spaced Out? [Remix]
The Heart Snaps Remix
Heaven's Grace of all Good
Amazing How Heaven can Be
Beloved Never-Ending Love
The Wars End
Party Stepping Up
Battles of Battles-Remix
We Miss you so much Lady Fawkes
Battle of Battles
Grand Musical Suprise
LOL11's Techno Lightning
The Grand Final Remix
The Grand Final
the mystic's song
The Song's never End
Haunted [Hunted]
Striking Blast
The Drums Return
The Masters Lullaby
Sky Wonderers
The Drums Power
Techno Blast
Bell/Harp Lullaby [Extended]
The Heart Snaps
Bell/Harp Lullaby
The Power of the Drums
Pokemon - LOL11's Theme
Wonder Fields(2)
Wonder Fields(1)


Wears A long red scarf, black glasses, Black Hat.
Jacket with no hood with red outlines, also with black color.

Other Clothing...(Aron Style Of LOL11)

Steel Gray scarf... And Spoon!

Other Other Clothing...(Shieldon Style Of LOL11)

Skin color Scarf, and a little bag to carry around.

Wordz of Wizdom:

Aron and Shieldon = Awesomeness

Aron's News

NEWS FOR TODAY! Right now, if you ever heard, enter Blankstowns contest! Goodbye and good night!


Shieldon's News

yes! Yes! YES! Currently the Music list is updating but right now LOL11 is updating more and more everytime so watch out!

Recommended Songs..
By the way, I can be one O3e..
Over 100 plays!
Over 200 plays!
Over about 500 plays in total!
First, Congratulations to Aron! For there he made his song : Power of the Truth. Pain of the Lies!
Over 100 plays!
Second! The Heart Snaps! Has more... I really thank you all! Thank you! You're truly great friends!
Does someone have a watch? Because I need one

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