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Tribe of Heroes Part 2 - Rising Hero

It had begun to rain during the war between the heroes and the great evil. The rain fell lightly, but was getting harder.
As the final hero searched the grounds of his fallen comrades, he noticed most were just unconcious.
One comrade was coughing though. The final hero, who went by the name of Doug, saw that the coughing comrade was his best friend of all time, Ben.
Doug ran over to Ben, and saw that Ben was coming near to death.
"You must forget me Doug, go and defeat the evil. The citizens depend on your success. We were made to protect them, not each other. Please, I am not important," Ben said.
Doug's eyes filled with tears as he held his best friend in his arms for Ben's final minute. Ben suddenly went dark. Doug was frozen for a moment in disbelief.
As Doug stood up, letting Ben slide to the ground, Doug eliminated everything besides the evil out of his vision and thought, and prepared.
He made sure he would defeat that evil, for Ben, not the people.
Once he was ready, Doug ran towards the evil and began to attack it with every ounce of his strength. As the evil fought back, Doug managed to escape every attack. Doug was determined to defeat this evil at any cost. And so he kept fighting.
The citizens eyes lit up with hope as Doug fought off the great evil. They finally knew that life would continue. The evil was almost out of energy.
Doug stood tall as light surrounded him and his power grew. He walked up to the evil slowly and taunted it telling it about how light will overpower the darkness.
Doug made the final attack. It was a soft attack, but it was enough to defeat the evil.
The citizens cheered as the evil fell. All of the light had drained from Doug as he delivered the final attack.
As the crowd cheered, Doug looked back at Ben. It seemed as if a smile had formed on Ben's face as the evil was defeated.

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